Shoot and Scoot - A Survivors Guide to World War III

In Germany, during the Third World War, 6 hours lasts an eternity.  I am reacquainting myself with modern tactical warfare and painfully relearning many things I had forgotten.

Here are some gems I picked up during the first few hours of battle:

If you lose your anti-air units you are a sitting duck and subject to this kind of harassment continuously:

Your air support should be preserved for must have moments, not luxury items like a headquarters unit moving along an open road deep in a column full of anti-air assets. My pair of A-10s were downed early without contributing much.

The Soviets like to build bridges.  For hours I held the Soviet force in a bend of the Stielbach and pounded them with artillery.  I thought I had them bottled up, too afraid to make a dash for the bridge I was defending.  On the last turn the crossed the Stielbach on two bridges.

Part of the reason why this crossing succeeded was my decision to withdraw my dug-in cavalry units and move them back into the woods.I did that because of a flash message I received the turn before, warning me that I would potentially drop below the 30% force readiness level and suffer a tactical loss.  Force preservation matters!

SAMs first seems to be the way to go.  Good positioning of Soviet ant-air assets took out my 2 remaining Cobras with just minutes to go.

Three bridges later, the destruction of my remaining air assets and you get this with 7 minutes left in the scenario:  A 4000 victory point loss!

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Fact: The Soviet AI accomplished more in 24 minutes than it accomplished in 5 hours and 36 minutes.  Beware!

Meeting of the Titans was a great first scenario for Germany Reforged! On to scenario 2!


Rajveer Solanki said…
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RangerX3X said…
Nice write up on a tough scenario. When the PBEM bug hits you for this game let's get together and go to war!!
Chris said…
Absolutely Tim. Let's try it after Thanksgiving if that works for you.

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