Gaming Wish List (Updated)

The holidays are almost here and now I am thinking about a gaming wish list.  Here are the games that have made my list this year:

Vietnam 65:  A counter insurgency game for Vietnam with a price point of $9.99. I even expect this game to be discounted for the holidays on Steam.  The hands down best write ups for this game are by Tim at Ranger X3X.  Read one here.

Command Inferno: A standalone game simulating a cold war conflict between the Soviet Union and NATO set in 1975. This Matrix product is also reasonably priced at $17.99.

Panzer Battles Normandy:  A John Tiller game, to follow Kursk Panzer Battles, I have had the privilege of seeing this in it's beta form and can say without a doubt it will blow the doors off Kursk with it's ambition.  This game is not yet released but JC at Real and Simulated Wars has previewed the game and blogged about it here, here, here, here and here.

Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa: Another Matrix Games product, for me this is the most anticipated game of the year. Designed by VR Designs it is a sequel to Decisive Campaigns from Warsaw to Paris and Decisive Campaigns Case Blue.  The game release is tomorrow and I do not believe it's price has been revealed yet. This game has been released and the digital download for this game is $49.99.

Campaign Series Middle East 1948-1985:  A Matrix Games product with a full editing suite, order of battles for multiple nations and 60+ scenarios.  Digital download price $39.99

Rainbow Six Siege:  I started gaming online thanks to games like Rainbow Six, and I've had some of my hands down best gaming moments thanks to the Rainbow Franchise.  This game is available December 1 and is priced steeply at $59.99.


RangerX3X said…
That is a great list Chris, and with Steam having two major sales by the end of the year (one just a couple of days away) you should be able to score most of them.

Although I have been pulled off on another (freaking awesome) game at the moment, I have to call out Vietnam ’65. It most likely will be on sale and frankly it is a complete steal now. I would have paid $49.99 for that game for the value that it brings to the table and all the improvements that the developer has been making to it.

The only thing that I would personally pass on is Siege…the soul of the original Rainbow games has long left the franchise, and they seem content cloning Counter Strike/Team Fortress.

That’s my 2 cents, more or less adjusted for inflation.
Chris said…
Thanks Tim. I pretty much agree about Siege. It is so hard to pass up on the idea of a new Rainbow Six title though. Ultimately the price will keep me from buying it.

I can't wait for the Steam sale. I came really close to buying Vietnam 65 the other day after watching the "Last Days of Saigon" BBC documentary. Plus your posts on the game provided all the right info to push it over into the must purchase category.

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