Play By Email

Doug at Cry Havoc and I are frequent Play by Email players and I really enjoy the challenge (even though Doug wins far more than I do!).

Below is a screen shot of my Allied line west of Ligny (this is from the Waterloo John Tiller Series game).  Doug and I are just finishing up Turn 5 of 38.

Anyway, my thought with this post is to connect people who are interested in doing PBEM games with other players.  I have posted the games I am interested in for PBEM below.  If you are looking for a PBEM opponent for other games,just add your listing as a comment below.

My PBEM games:

Modern War
Decisive Games Case Blue
Decisive Games Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris
Bonaparte's Peninsular War
Battles of Kursk - Southern Flank
Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm


spelk said…
Over on the /r/computerwargames sub-reddit we have a PBEM wiki for any players who wish to hook up. Here's the link.

I regularly post your Sharp End Gaming articles up there, so our 600+ readers should already have an inkling about you (and Doug).

Might be worth checking it out and posting up on the Wiki. Signing up for Reddit is fairly straightforward, and worth doing :)


Doug Miller said…
Definitely worth joining reddit and hanging out at /r/computergames. There's also a nice sub-reddit for hex and counter wargames.

Of course, you should also hang out at Grogheads. Pretty much the point over there is to help match people up for PBEM and multiplayer gaming. A lot of the designers for the games you listed are also regulars. I spend a week hanging out with the Flashpoint Campaigns guys every year at Origins because of Grogheads.

Finally, check out The Blitz Wargaming Club (, which has forum sections and a ladder for PBEM games of much of what you listed, especially Tiller and CM games.