DCCB - June 30, 1942 - Two breakthroughs

Two holes have opened in the Soviet defensive line over the last 48 hours.  This hole made by the 68 Inf Div west of Lisithcnask is well supported by LAH and 2 armored divisions. Further west I also have good air support plus a small Hungarian Corps en route to hold the line behind the advance.  Also working in my favor is that Soviet air cover is lighter over this portion of the line than it is in the south around Rostov.  

My well laid plan to drive down the coastal road and seize Rostov got off to a rocky start as Soviet units poured thru a gap in my line left by my cycling units there.  I closed the hole off with the 73rd Inf Div but now I have a pocket of encircled troops in Taganrog of all places!  Go figure! 

More to follow....


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