DCCB: Drive on Voronezh?

July 2, 1942: 4 Panzer Army supported by elements of the 2nd Army has opened up hole in the Soviet defenses west of Voronezh.
My original plan called for seizing Rostov and Sevastopol in the south.  Suddenly, I have a massive opportunity in the north as Soviet forces collapse from 4 Pz Army pressure.

Should I exploit the hole and add Voronezh to my early objectives? Or should I try to encircle Soviet forces to the South and prevent them from reinforcing my objectives?


Take Voronezh. It guards your flank and, hopefully, will suck several Soviet formations in counterattacks. But avoid to be stuck in a prolonged city battle.

My two undervalued eurocents.
Chris said…
Thanks Arrigo for the comment! I am going for it on your recommendation. I've moved up 24 Pz and Gross Deutschland behind the lead elements exploiting the hole. Going to try to use them to punch a second hole in the retreating Soviet line.

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