DCCB: Case Blau - Turn 1 Preparations

I have been mulling over how to spend some birthday money.  I solicited some feedback on the blog over the weekend and generated some great suggestions.

One of those suggestions was Decisive Campaigns:  From Warsaw to Paris.  Because I have DCCB (the second game in the series), I decided to dust it off as I consider whether or not to purchase the 1940 version of the game covering the fall of France and Poland.

Decisive Campaigns' Case Blue scenario covers the German strategic summer offensive in 1942.  I originally purchased the game to mainly play the Operation Uranus scenario but lately I find myself more interested in the period leading up to Stalingrad and the 1943 defensive campaigns conducted by Manstein in the south after Stalingrad.

I am playing the DCCB Case Blau (short) scenario which covers the first two months of the offensive as the Germans.

My initial objectives are Rostov and Sevastopol.  Historically, the Germans advanced on Rostov in 1941 along the coastal road through Taganrog and then finding themselves stalemated west of their objective, they ended up assaulting the city from the north.  This attack left their flank vulnerable to a Soviet counterattack which ultimately forced them to withdraw from the city later that year. In 1942 the Germans were able to recapture Rostov but were again forced to withdraw after 6th army's surrender at Stalingrad.


My first move is to reorganize the 17th army in the south and specifically LVII Corps to give it a more offensive character by transferring the 14th Panzer division.

I also decide to move SS Wiking south towards the coast at Taganrog.  Wiking and 14th Panzer will drive along the coast road directly towards Rostov and lead the attack instead of the 295th Infantry division which I am pushing into a reserve position.

Just north of the road to Rostov behind the 125th Infantry division I am massing artillery from the 17A. They will help to open a hole in the line here and cover my drive to Rostov.

To keep the Soviets north of my main axis of attack busy, I've ordered smaller local attacks by the Italian CSIR Corps south of Artemovsk and by the GE 2nd Army in the direction of Voronezh.

Game thoughts

It turns out I've really underutilized this game (no shocker for someone who breezes thru rules).  The ability to transfer units, commanders, create new units, etc. adds a whole new dimension to this game:  an emphasis on organization which for me is a real plus.

I took a look at the editor last night and it seems I could make smaller scenarios for the game.  The editor manual though at first glance appears to be poorly written so I am not sure I want to take that on.

Will keep you posted on how things in-game progress.


RangerX3X said…
Regarding a foray into the editing guts of the engine, I would play a couple of scenarios if I were you to see if it is worth your while. You wouldn’t want to invest hours in a poorly documented application for a game that months later may be a distant memory because the end product was too vanilla. That is my 2 cents, which is more than 50 cent has since he filed for bankruptcy.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. Good point. Will finish out this scenario for sure before I dive in/if i dive in.
Jason Rimmer said…
DC3 is looking superb from what I've read. Lots of unique features that I can't wait to see in action. So if I was you I'd wait until that game is released.