John Tiller Software: Battle of Casal Novo, 1811 - Massena Retreats from Portugal

The British/Portugese forces under General Erskine move to contact with the French rearguard at Casal Novo.  The French general Ney is reportedly in command of the enemy force. I am using te "Command and Control" option to manage the AI for my Allied forces.

From Wikipedia:  The Battle of Casal Novo was a rear-guard action fought on March 14, 1811, during Massena's retreat from Portugal. During this retreat the French rear-guard, under command of Michel Ney, performed admirably in a series of sharp rear-guard actions. At Casal Novo, the recklessness of Sir William Erskine resulted in costly losses in the Light Division.

I am refighting this battle using John Tiller Software's Peninsular War.

The situation per JTSThis scenario is designed for an Allied player against a French A/I. Despite a thick early morning fog, Erskine sent the British Light Division directly towards the French-held village of Casal Novo. Meanwhile, the 3rd Division was advancing along a parallel road from Condeixa, a move that would compel the French to fall back before being outflanked.

I am commanding the British using the Command and Control option in the game.  Using C&C the player manages the battle giving broad orders like Attack, Attack Extreme, Defend and Defend Extreme. The AI micromanages positioning and fighting.

In the mists at dawn, Drummonds brigade comes within meters of the French line before French skirmishers engage the 52nd.

Thomas Picton’s 3rd division moves to outflank the French line (bottom left corner)  while the 95th Rifles engage the French left.  Small streams and light woods screen Picton's movement to the southwest.
The extreme right of the British force struggles through the terrain in an effort to turn the French left.
This is the first serious gaming I've been able to pull off in about 2 months because of work. It's lasted 6 turns and I plan to try and finish the game over the next week or so.  The C&C option for managing the battle is a neat way to play a JTS title. It can leave you frustrated or pleased with the AI and in my case I am more frustrated than pleased.

More to follow...


JC said…
Whaaat? I didn't know about this C&C feature. Can't wait to try!


Chris said…
It is definitely worth trying!
JC said…
Thanks Chris for this. It definitively plays different now with C&C enabled.
It is very different than the AI orders dialog in Panzer Campaigns.


Chris said…
No problem JC. Hopefully you find it somewhat enjoyable!

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