What To Do With All Of the Games I Don't Play...

Phil at Sim-Deck has just posted a thought provoking blog about having too many games to play and not playing any of them in depth. I am guilty of the same thing these days. About the only game I devote any time to is Command Ops.

His remedy is to limit himself to 3 games for the foreseeable future.  You can read his post here.

I am going to try this also and limit myself to 5 games until the end of July.  My five are:

Command Ops 2
SoW: Waterloo
Wargame: Airland Battle ( I had a really good game of this last night).
JTS: Modern War

If I blog about anything else remind me of what I said here!


Phil said…
Man how I wanted to get into Wargame: Airland Battle. I bought the first 2 games and they were simply to fast for me. They got knocked off the list. With the reduction in games I realized I have years of games in front of me to enjoy. I simply can't fit them in but that's ok!
Chris said…
Hi Phil. So I felt the same way about Airland but I started to play against only Easy AI bots and it plays a lot slower. The new free DLC for Airland Magna Carta added a number of 1 v 1 maps to play too and I have to say my game last night for 40 minutes was interesting and fun. I love the deck building aspect of the game. I built a joint US- Danish deck called Taskforce Beowulf and used that.
Phil said…
Oh man! I'm gonna have to go back to them and have a look.
RangerX3X said…
Same boat a very slick game that played way too fast for my tastes at my age - I might have to give it a second look now based on this feedback since that era of video game combat is intriguing to me. I also totally agree with the broader discussion, that there are too many good games and too little time to properly enjoy them, let alone blog about them.

I still play the original Ghost Recon...
Anonymous said…
A bit of an offtopic comment. I'm an longtime wargamer, and I noticed you say you play Command Ops more than others. I also saw that you were making a very large scenario (back in March) that I'm not sure you finished.

I have downloaded the game, and frankly, it falls utterly flat for me. I love the idea of the game. But the interface is so unpleasant I never invested the time necessary to really learn it. I commented to a friend: 'it is a game where I can't figure out how to move a unit.'

And I still can't (though I haven't tried after that initial burst). I downloaded it about two months ago, and the manual for Command Ops didn't exist-they were using the old Manual for the original Command Ops. I tried what was essentially the tutorial scenario (US forces attacking north in the Bulge). It reminds me a bit of the old Cold War training game Decisive Operations-again, a game with alot under the hood, but the interface was work rather than fun.

Its unfortunate-it is exactly the kind of game I would love to love. But I doubt if the interface will ever change enough to be actually fun (I'd think it would have to be redesigned from teh bottom up).

I don't expect to change your mind-if you love it, you love it. But I'd imagine there are plenty like me-the subject matter seems great, the scale seems great, the simulation seems very interesting, but its just too clunky to invest the time in.