Co2: Liberation of Taganrog Is Available for Download

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Scenario Background: On 27 August trouble developed for Sixth Army on the Mius Front. The Soviet II Guards Mechanized Corps turned south and began a dash to the coast behind the XXIX Corps on the army's right flank. Sixth Army was virtually helpless. It had 35,000 front-line troops and 7 tanks against 130,000 Russians with 160 to 170 tanks. 

Reluctantly, Gen. Manstein gave the Sixth Army commander Gen. Hollidt two weak divisions, one infantry and one panzer, recently arrived from Army Group Center, and a panzer division, also weak, from First Panzer Army. Those divisions were organized into a corps, which General Hollidt used to draw some of the pressure off of XXIX Corps.

On 29 August the II Guards Mechanized Corps reached the coast west of Taganrog, driving XXIX Corps back into a pocket at the mouth of the Mius River and encircling it.

Under orders from Manstein, outside the pocket and to the west, 13th Panzer division is figthing to open a hole to release the trapped Corps.  Inside the pocket, the 111th division is retreating towards the old defensive line along the Mius river from the Sambek heights to the east.  Behind them two Soviet rifle divisions are pushing forward to liberate Taganrog.

To download this scenario please grab the files listed below from my dropbox folder here.

Eastern Front Estab file
Taganrog Map
Liberation of Taganrog scenario file.

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Scott said…
Downloading... can't wait to play it!
Anonymous said…
I would try your scen but its lonk doesnt work.
Can you help me?
Anonymous said…
Yes, link does not work. Can we have another please?
Ickie said…
please canw e have a NEW Link to this,everywhere i find this scenario the links all are broken!?is this on purpose?as id love to play a EF scenario on CO2,that i have not done to date.In time for christmas would be a nice surprise for all here!! :P

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