Rewriting History At Vimeiro -- Editing a JTS Scenario

One of my favorite battles during the Napoleonic Wars is Vimeiro featuring Wellington and his Anglo-Portugese Army vs. General Jean Junot and the Army of Portugal.
Gen. Jean Junot

I've always thought that had Junot handled his Army better that day, Wellington's career might not have taken off as it did.  Wellington dispatched the French force after some tough fighting and his career began its rapid ascent in Europe.

Inexplicably Junot divides his army and reconnoiters his right flank with a third of his force while he is marching towards the main objective of the village of Vimeiro.  The flanking movement causes his army to attack in a disjointed fashion on a broad front and Wellington's well positioned troops deal with them in a piecemeal fashion.

This morning I edited the JTS Vimeiro scenario for this battle and reassigned the flanking forces into the main attack on Vimeiro.  I also modified the type of attack the French would use from "normal" to "extreme."  So far the results have been very satisfying.

This is the modified French attack.  The 1st Bde has been added into the main attack.

These are the windows you use to edit the AI scripts. I also changed the French objective for this unit to Vimeiro instead of Ventosa Farm.

Turn 3 and the French attack is shaping up nicely.  The entire French army is attacking in an aggressive, concerted fashion. 


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