Command Ops: Mosul?

I've started tracing a 17km x 8km map of Mosul and the Tigris river.
I've been bitten by a Middle Eastern bug.  I am tracing a map of Mosul and working on a Modern Warfare Estab file that will simulate the following units:

US Army Rangers
PMU Shia Militia
ISIS Fighters
ISIS Technicals
Jihadi Technicals
Iraqi National Army

Of course it will only be a reduced Estab file and it will be missing lots of weapons used today but I do think it will be interesting to try and model fanatical jihadis and US Army Rangers and simulate the upcoming conflict that is likely to occur there this Spring as the Iraqi National Army seeks to reclaim this city.


Nik Gaukroger said…
Hi, Nik Gaukroger editor at here - wondering if you could drop me a line at please. Many thanks, Nik.
Chris said…
Hi Nik. I just emailed you.

- Chris
Scott said…
Trying my hand at the map editor for fun, I was wondering, how do you go about tracing the map? Is there a way to import a picture into the map maker and set it as a background image for example?

Thanks, and your maps look fantastic, Scott
Anonymous said…
Are you still working on this scenario? Looking forward to this if you are.
Chris said…
Hi Scott. To trace a map you need to add a bitmap underlay file. The size of the file needs to correspond with the size of the map.
Chris said…
Hi Thom. Thanks for your comment. I am still working on this. I got a little tied up with work over the last month but should be coming up for some air soon.
Scott said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said…
Thanks for the help, I got it working! This will make things much easier.

Scott said…
It's me again... I have been playing around with the Scenario Maker now and I have a quick question. When adding units to a side, Axis or Allies, I can import force lists exported from other scenarios, but this crashes the editor. The "New supreme Force" option also crashes. Am I making some kind of awful rookie mistake?

Thanks for your help, Scott.

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