Coming soon: CO2 Eastern Front Scenario - Liberation of Taganrog 1943

The German 111th infantry division defensive operations plan calls for a stepped withdrawal from the Sambek heights line of entrenchments in the east to the intermediary Valkyrie defensive line and then across the Mius into their final defensive positions along that river while holding back 2 Soviet Rifle divisions.
I have almost completed this scenario and it will be available to download on this blog later this week.


kipanderson said…
Fantastic.. have been keeping an eye on you hoping you will come up with the goods.. and you have : ). I must get to grips with the editor sometime.. do tweak scenarios quite a lot after first enjoying playing them as shipped.. it’s very good way to learn a game I find.
Anyway.. thanks really am looking forward to end result..
All the best, Kip.

Chris said…
Thanks Kip for your comment. I am working on a few new scenarios but they are taking quite a bit of time to create new maps. This scenarios is smaller and the map is done. Just need to tweak a little and I will release it.
Jason Rimmer said…
Looking forward to it Chris. I've posted about it on TW page:)
Chris said…
Pretty soon Jason.
Anonymous said…
The link for the download doesn't work. Can we have a new one please. Would love to try this.