Ultimate General Gettysburg: The Most Accessible Wargame I Own

Ultimate General Gettysburg is the most accessible wargame I own and therefore a must have game in my opinion for anyone wanting a dose of history, battle and strategy without a deep set of rules. It's a great game to break open when you have just minutes or hours to play.

UGG (unfortunate acronym) is a statistics heavy version of Total War with a incredibly detailed set of battlefield maps and a easy to use movement system:  you can easily send your men into battle with the drag of a mouse or turn to face a horde of Confederate soldiers with the slightest compression of your mouse wheel.

This game is priced at $14.99 and can be downloaded on Steam.

It has dozens of scenario variants, keeps track of all the relevant battle statistics and gives you an in depth treatment of Gettysburg that leaves you wanting these designers to break out the next title in their series (I hope it is a series).  They are also one of the hardest working teams of designers out there (right up their with Eugen systems from the Wargame franchise) spinning out patches and updates not because they need to fix the game necessarily but more often than not because they want to improve it.

The fight for the Roundtops.  That's Hood's Texans down there (though by this time in the battle Hood is a casualty).

Moving your Corps commander into the thick of battle can stabilize a line just when you need to.

Three brigades of Confederates are moving into position to attack Little Round Top while Union troops pour fire down upon them.
If you don't have this game yet, I recommend you consider purchasing it or at the very least watch the gameplay video below:


RangerX3X said…
I just bought this today during the Steam Summer Sale for $5.99 and I am really looking forward to getting into it. With Command Operations being dead in the water due to the scaling issue I cannot resolve, I have been looking for some other strategy title that I could potentially post about, and the Civil War period in gaming is something I have not done in quite a while.