Battles of Kursk - Southern Flank

The tutorial scenario for Battles of Kursk - Southern Flank
I've been bitten by the gaming bug unexpectedly.  Periodically, Doug at Cry Havoc and I have been talking about the John Tiller Software Panzer Battles offering of Battles of Kursk but up until yesterday I had not purchased it.

After the new update became available this week, Doug brought up the game again and convinced me to give it a go and I am very grateful for his persistence. This JTS title does a few things differently that I like very much and in my opinion makes it a must have:

1. No 3D.  JTS is not Battlefront and they don't pretend to be in this title. Removing the ugly 3D wart has changed my view of JTS considerably.
2.  Improved graphics:  The maps and counters are so much better.  This title also offers an overhead, side or Nato view of counters.  The side view is pictured above.
3.  Improved sound effects.  That's at least what I think, but perhaps that is not true.
4.  Squad Leader on my laptop screen:  More than any other tactical game I have played online (sorry Conflict of Heroes), Kursk captures the charm of Squad Leader without the annoyance of my stack of counters toppling over.
5.  The same basic movement and fire rules:  There are some tweaks in this game but by and large the rules are the same.

Every house a fortress:  Crossing open ground, over an elevated embankment, thru a minefield, without a smoke barrage brings you to this victory dialog box...

At $39.95 and with dozens of scenarios and variants I think this game is worth purchasing.  What's more I've heard that a Western Front Panzer Battles is in the works and will be released soon.


David Freer said…
Hi Chris,

Thanks for the kind comments. We spent a lot of time building this new series to be different yet familiar to both Tiller devotees and new players alike.

As you point out we have just released the first patch, 12 months after the game came out which contains some bug fixes, system enhancements and a range of graphical enhancements. Your shots show the old terrain, we have ported in the new terrain graphics from our next title, but have ensured we have maintained an appropriate look for Russia.

All in all Kursk has been well received by players and we looked for as much player feedback on both the scenarios and game system before releasing the latest update.

I'd welcome any feedback as you explore the game and please make certain you have a look at the included historical information included with the game as many of the design decisions will make more sense.

Chris said…
Hi David. Thank you so much for your message! I updated this morning and love the graphical changes.


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