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My blogging and gaming have taken a substantial hit over the last 6 weeks or so due to a string of family birthdays, trips and events. My work has also picked up substantially and so I've been left mostly on the sidelines thinking about gaming.

I have dabbled here and there and I am currently working on a Combat Mission Red Thunder scenario set here:

This Mius river crossing is just 10km north of city of Taganrog with it's port and airfield.  A vital objective for the advancing German army.
I feel like I know this area of the Mius river after the three Command Ops scenarios I've created that are set in and around Taganrog.  A substantial amount of real fighting occurred in this area between 1941 and 1943.  The Germans defended the western bank of the river twice and the Soviets defended the eastern riverbank once in 1941. This scenario is fictional however.

The battlefield is still under development.  I've done very little to the eastern bank.

The scenario is about a hard charging German reconnaissance company in 1941 that tries to seize the crossing in a coup de main nearly two days before the anticipated German arrival.  The Germans attack at dawn and catch a Soviet supply company loading their trucks and racing for the relative safety of the eastern bank.  A beat up T-34, a machine gun platoon and a sapper platoon are all that stand between the Germans and glory.

A view of  the German setup.  Those two panzerschrek teams in the upper field need to be moved too.

A German MG section is moved forward to provide some covering fire on the river crossing.  The Soviet defenders are hard pressed from the moment this scenario begins.
I hope I can figure out the Soviet AI plans enough to make this playable as the Germans.  Stay tuned!


Doug Miller said…
That looks like a sweet scenario!
Chris said…
Thanks Doug. I've played it twice. Secured my first German victory. It needs a bunch of tweaks but interesting. I definitely appreciate the ground more now that I see it like this.

Marco said…
Nice, but the Panzershreck isn't an anachronism?
Given the 1941 timeframe, shouldn't the PzSchreck be replaced with the much less effective AT rifle?
The main gun type of PzJaeger units should be the 37 mm "door knocking-device", in which case the T-34 will be a tough nut to crack.
Chris said…
Thanks for the comments! The panzerschrek teams come within the Grenadier Battalion that I "purchased" within the game editor. You have to buy the whole battalion and then you delete out what you don't want. I will see if there is a 37mm weapons team within that unit, but I am not sure. Thanks for the comments! My Soviet AI plans are still pretty weak so I am working on them. I added two squads of Soviet infantry too.

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