The Liberation of Taganrog

A new scenario under development.
The Sixth Army is withdrawing behind the Mius River line under pressure.  I've been working on this scenario for some time. This is a screen of my first play through of it.


Peter Winship said…
Map looks lovely, Chris!
Peter Winship said…
You still working on this, Chris? Looking forward to it.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. I am about 80% done. I am playtesting it now and I am researching some post Stalingrad battles along the Donetz.
Michael said…
Any particular reason the fighting around Taganrog came to your attention? It is a little-remembered theater of the war even in Russia.

I came across your blog at random, while doing a nostalgic search for Taganrog. I lived there for three months and have visited plenty of these former battlefields.

Downloading CO2's free version now, in the hopes that it can load your scenarios.
Chris said…
Hi Michael. Wow, thanks for your comment. I have not been to Taganrog. In fact I didn't know it even existed until I read about Soviet defense along the Mius river and the German drive on Rostov in 1941. I looked at the map on Google Earth and thought it was interesting and started to build out my scenarios from there. I also created one for CO1 and for Combat Mission.

If you know of any book that covers the fighting there I would love to read it. Let me know if you have trouble loading up the scenario in CO2 and what you think of the scenario if you get to play it.
Michael said…
I did get your scenario to work, but I'll have to teach myself some CO2 before I play it. This doesn't look like a beginner-friendly wargame, haha!

You're probably done with the scenario for good, but let me know if you want any tips on how the populated areas of the map could be 're-painted' to be more accurate. A good portion of the 'urban' zones would be better described as 'town' or 'village,' which would perhaps make the approach to the city more gradual. There's also some very dramatic topography with impassable slopes and cliffs on the peninsula itself, but this may not be tactically relevant, given the Soviet's avenue of assault. Only thing I can think of is a few defilades and an area of wetland (which was my backyard).

I'm afraid I can't recommend any books; even finding sources in Russian isn't that straightforward. But there is a free John Tiller demo of the Soviets' breakthrough on the Mius Front, featuring a large stretch of terrain to the north of Taganrog.

Actually, you could do a CO2 and Combat Mission: Black Sea double feature at an amazing landmark that was a battlefield in 1943 and last summer. It's a burial mound called Saur-Mogila, basically like a Mamaev Kurgan (of Stalingrad fame) on the steppe. You had the separatists re-excavating old German trenches, and MH17 was shot down from a field within sight of the summit.

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