Bunker Hill: June 17th, 1775

I purchased John Tiller Software's Campaign: 1776 this evening.  Having grown up along the Hudson River I love reading about the Revolutionary War and decided to take the plunge and try some gaming during the period.  This JTS offering covers the big colonial campaigns (Boston, Saratoga, Yorktown and the Carolinas) but seems to neglect the New York campaign of 1776 (Long Island, Kip's Bay, White Plains, Ft. Washington, Harlem Heights, Throg's Neck, Ft. Lee, etc.).  For me that is a great disappointment that I am hoping I can remedy in some way using the editor and if not, my recommendation to JTS is to release it as an update to this game.  The NY 1776 battles are all interesting and they contain some amazing feats of British generalship and at least at Harlem Heights and Throg's Neck superb displays of Colonial fortitude.
The main British attack will be in the South.  My plan is to use my reserves to punch a hole in the American line between Charlestown and Breeds Hill and then use the road  running SE to NW behind the American line to complete an encirclement of their forces.

In the meantime though I am enjoying playing Bunker Hill  as the British and the interesting General Howe.  I've landed off of Moulton Point and immediately set to attacking the Colonial redoubts on Breeds Hill and along the northern end of the Continental line where the peninsula meets the Mystic River.

There I've launched a diversionary attack by the Light infantry while my main point of attack is towards a gap in the Continental lines between Breeds Hill and Charlestown.  Unlike Howe, who held these men back for a second wave, I've immediately thrown Pitcairn's reserve force into battle in an attempt to flank the American line to the south.

The Light Infantry is attacking in two columns marching parallel to the Mystic.

A look after Turn 3.  I've fully committed Pitcairns reserve force while I pin down the Colonial line to the north and at Breed's Hill.

More to follow...


Peter Winship said…
That's a superb map, Chris. Really immersive. The devs have pushed the boat out on that one and I hope the price reflects that.

Sorry. But seriously, my hat comes off to you. You must have an imagination way better than mine to imagine that what you are doing bears any resemblance to any real world battle when playing on a map like that. There's so little detail it really could almost be anywhere. I would have thought you could just pretend you were in NY, if those are the battles you're missing, no? Or change a few names in the editor, a few lines here and there.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. Yeah the strength of a JTS game isnt the map or counter scheme. The research, backgrounds for each game are very good though. I only buy his titles if I am very interested in the subject. So I have this one now, Stalingrad, Renaissance, Campaign Leipzig and Peninsular war.
Xaver said…
Well, You can do some "easy" modding over them to, for example i use the Volcanoman NATO symbols from his Nap mods... copy paste in the symbols file and you have this


PD: you can remove the white background in localitations using the alternative option and with shift+alt you can see them on map without dialog and you can remove them with shift... is faster.

Other option is use one of the nap terrain mods, they are compatible but i never use them on this serie.
Chris said…
Thanks Xaver for the comment. I am actually okay with the map. I know the areas in question well enough and really like focusing on the history and the units themselves. I really love the JTS games despite the graphic warts.

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