Beta Version of Command Ops: Battle of Prokohrovka 1943 Scenario -- Available For Download

A Tiger tank from the 2nd SS Pz Div Das Reich somewhere near Kursk

This scenario is mostly done. I have little things to smooth out on the map, I need to add in the correct signature files and the briefings for both the Axis and the Allies need to be expanded upon.

It is in its current state really fun to play in my opinion.  It is extremely hard to match the historical result of over 400 knocked out Soviet tanks with just 40-50 destroyed Panzers but I've come close to achieving a marginal Axis victory with just 70 tank losses and over 180 destroyed Soviet tanks.

To download this scenario and my updated estab file please click here. And as always please leave me feedback on my blog. Thanks!


Peter Winship said…
Is the estab changed from previous versions, Chris?
Chris said…
It is. Will need to play.
Peter Winship said…
OK. But it will work ok with my saved Tartar game I'm in the middle of? I tried it with the new estab and it seems to work ok.

Looks great. Fantastic to see Prokhorovka like this. Really grateful. Many thanks. Won't be able to get to it tonight, but will try it tomorrow!

What did you do about minefields and such like? I read about huge belts of mines, but I'm not sure they weren't in front of the earlier lines of defence that IIPK have already got passed. The Psel, however, was the last line of defence - do you know whether there were 'fortifications' and minefields in this area? I haven't actually come across mention of either very much in accounts of the battle - mainly the accounts just deal with 5th Gaurds Tank Army attacking and you hear of waves of hundreds of T34s coming quickly at the Axis, which suggests there couldn't have been many mines around here. But, on the other hand, IIPK were preparing to attack the Psel line and Prokhorovka when 5th GTA pipped them to the post on 12th July, and the fact that IIPK couldn't just roll over the Psel on the 11th (when they reached it) suggests that there were at least some fortifications, if not minefields. Did you find anything about all of this?

And what map did you use to produce this? It's a great map, I think. Thanks again.

Chris said…
Hi Peter, I found a Russian Army map that I traced. Very accurate. I put a few fortifications on the map and added a third defensive belt line in the SW corner of the map. I added a line of forts on the western approach to Prokhorovka also based on a description of the Soviet defense I found online. I ignored the mine piece. I could have added in "mines" represented by the broken terrain layer which would have just slowed things down but felt it would be too speculative. Let me know what you think. OOB is big and took awhile. I represented almost everything I saw for Soviets but skipped a few units just to get things out there.
Noticed in my recent game as the Soviet side that German Forces probed the Southern Prokhorovka defensive positions but then continued in a north-westerly direction to the Psel Crossing #3 objective and Hill 222.6.
Was this maneuver intended by scenario design, or was it just a decision on-the-spot of the game AI?
The German commander did attempt to bypass the Prokhorovka fortifications on the relatively weak West side of the town.
The end of the scenario as "Soviet marginal defeat" found the bulk of the German Forces attacking across the Psel, between Crossing #3 and Hill 222.6.
They had no trouble stopping the attack of the 29th and 18th Tank Corps on Day 2, but were too far to threaten the 23-point Prokhorovka objective.
Thanks for sharing this scenario.

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