Crossing the Volga

The Volga river is a key part of any Stalingrad scenario. In developing my previous Stalingrad scenarios I struggled with the mechanics of reinforcements crossing over the river using ferries to reinforce the Soviet side effectively. The Volga at the historical Skudri crossing is 7km wide and the reinforcements in the game won't even try to cross there (you can see that crossing above). This time I am testing how long it takes each unit type to cross the river using the ferry crossings. A screenshot of my tests is above.  The crossings I am using currently are all historical.


Anonymous said…
Great job. Bravo!
Peter Winship said…
This looks excellent. Can't wait for Riga 2 also. Will they work with CO2, which they've just announced they will try to get out before Christmas?

Peter Winship said…
Interesting (and unusual) orientation, I've just noticed. East at bottom, more or less?
Chris said…
Hi Peter. I chose the orientation to make returning to the battlefield seem dramatically different. I believe Dave said CO1 scenarios can be upgraded. I plan on doing upgrades for a few if that is true. Fingers crossed this will go live next weekend.

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