Command Ops: Sixth Army Diary - The Second Assault - Stalingrad

The following is an AAR of my "Second Assault" scenario which covers the fighting inside Stalingrad from Sept 27, 1942 until October 1, 1942..  

September 27, 1942

10:00hrs Offensive operations resumed within the city.  295 and 71 Infantry divisions directed to attack Mamaev Kurgan.  Six battalions of Grenadier infantry well supported by artillery move against height.  Opposition consisting of 284 Siberian Inf division and elements of 13th or 39th Guards?

North of city.  Aufklarungs bn 16th Panzer moves to Hill 130 overlooking the Tractor Factory and Orlovka river.

Probing attack by 1 Bn of 389 Infantry division sent against Orlovka. Unknown Soviet defenses.

16:00hrs  Soviet reinforcements crossing Volga at Waterworks have come under heavy bombardment.  Reinforcements occupy main Waterworks building.  Possible battalion,  

Attack against Mamaev Kurgan ongoing.

54th Jager Regiment 100th Inf Division moving into positions west of Sillikat Factory. Fighting west of Red October Factory in Red October Settlement heavy.  Probing attacks heavily repulsed by unknown Soviet Forces there and at Orlovka.

Sept 28, 1942

10:00hrs  2 Panzer Regt 16th Panzer arrives NW of city.  Ordered to bypass Orlovka salient and enter factories to seize portion of Tractor works.

389 infantry division reports Soviet 115th Inf Bde defending Orlovka as well as elements of 112th Rifle division.  Probe checked at main bridge.  Heavy casualties.

16th reconnaissance battalion crosses south of Tractor Factory into City.  Holding bridge over Orlovka r.

54th Jager and 16th Pz recon bn launch attack against Barrikady Factory after reaching Volga.  Soviet forces crossing Volga at three points now: east of Tractor works, behind Barrikady and at Waterworks to south.  Only Waterworks crossing held against them.  Artillery from 3 divisions attempting to interdict arrival of reinforcements.

17:00hrs:  Attack against Barrikady ground to a halt.  Two companies separated from main axis of advance.  Cut off in woods near river.  Relief operation unable to cross open ground to break them out.  Order to retreat south and then east given to companies. Every man for himself.

22:00hrs:  Barrikady attack called off.  Mamaev Kurgan swept of last Soviet resistance.  Ground defense reorganized.  Fighting north of Hill 102 in Red October settlement.

Unknown forces organizing in the Lazur for possible counterattack.

Sept 29, 1942

11:30hrs:  Tractor Factory split in two. 16th Panzer ordered to crush resistance there and seize village of Rynok.  100th Jager division to support.
16th Panzer attack against Tractor Works.

Defensive operations underway at Kurgan.  Soviet probes ongoing.  Orlovka salient bypassed after failure of 389 Inf operations.

II Bn 54 Jager moving into Tractor works in support of 16th Panzer.  Division artillery suppot moving into heights above confluence of Orlovka and Metchka rivers. 10 tanks from 16th Panzer knocked out in afternoon fighting for Tractor Works.  Heavy losses among infantry.

18:00hrs  Eerie silence over city.  Both sides regrouping.  16th Panzer at the outskirts of Rynok.  54th Jager companies cutoff at Barrikady wiped out by fierce Soviet counterattack.

19:15 Rynok falls to 16th Panzer.  39th Guards defenders wiped out by heaviest artillery barrage since 27th.

20:00hrs:  I Bn 191 Inf Regt ordered to probe the Tennis Racket (Lazur Chemical Factory).

Sept 30, 1942

01:30hrs  Fighting ongoing inside Tractory Works.  62nd Army Soviet HQ identified within massive building.  308 Soviet Rifle division defending easternmost halls.  54th Jager fighting from building to building. Heavy losses.
Situation map, end of Day 3.

03:40hrs  Soviet forces crossing Volga at Tractor Factory.  Unknown strength.

05:40hrs  Estimated Soviet regiment crossing at Tractor Factory.  6th Army artillery assets ordered to stop crossing.
06:40 Attack against last resistance inside Tractor Factory underway.  Success of offensive operations during this phase of the battle hinges upon next few hours.

13:47hrs  Phase 2 reserve force (I Bn 544 Inf Regt) committed to attack on Tractor Factory.  14th Panzer and 24 Motorized divisions ordered to refit and rejoin offensive operations against factories. Southern half of City firmly under control.

Oct 1, 1942:

03:00hrs. Intense nighttime fighting around Tractor Factory and on Mamaev Kurgan.  Soviet counterattacks underway.

05:40hrs. Offensive operations resuming.  Two battalion push into the Lazur Chemical Factory by way of the Red October settlement. Resistance fierce.

06:00hrs.  Third Soviet counterattack underway in Tractor works.  16th Panzer dislodged from objective.  Regrouping in open ground south of Factory. Under heavy bombardment.  Soviet ferry operations resuming.

06:30hrs:  62nd Soviet Army HQ destroyed. Command of Army likely under control of 284 Siberian or 308 Inf Div inside Factory.  Army split in two.

07:30hrs:  16th Panzer HQ on Hill 130 coming under attack from Soviet Infantry. Unknown force.

08:40hrs: 1 Bn 54 Inf and two battalions from 16th Panzer attack Factory.  Engaging 137th Armored Bde and 284 Siberian Infantry division.

11:45 hrs:  I Bn 2nd Pz released from Rynok and sent into attack against Factory from north.  16th Panzer HQ reports heavy losses in tanks and vehicles as they cross open ground between Rynok and Factory.

12:15hrs: Opportunity attack by 71st Pioneer Bn supported by two companies of infantry from 191st Gren Inf Regt on the Lazur Factory.  Soviet defenses estimated at 1 mortar company.  Unknown infantry force nearby.

14:12 Attack on Lazur gaining momentum.  I Bn 2 Pz turned back. At least 10 destroyed AFVs,

15:00 hrs: Soviet reinforcements across river.  Rifle battalion launching counterattack against 16th Panzer position within factories.

15:37 Lazur Chemical Factory seized.

17:30hrs: offensive operations will cease at 19:00hrs.  Last attempt to dislodge Soviets from Tractor works underway.  284 Siberian HQ and 308 Inf HQ believed destroyed.  42 Inf Bde conducting defense of Tractor works now.

18:00hrs:  115th Soviet Inf Bde in Orlovka breaking out south for Tractor works.  Threatening to overrun 16th Panzer.

18:46hrs:  Soviet counterattack from river into Factory slices defensive force in two. Objective contested.  389 Inf Div HQ racing to seize vacated Orlovka objective.

18:59hrs: Orlovka objective seized 1 minute before operations cease.

Heavy losses by both sides.  Over 100 tanks lost for the Germans.  Over 4,000 casualties for Soviet side.
Final situation map.  The Soviet side ended with 48 victory points and the German side ended with 40.  A draw in game terms.

A good look at the intensity of the fighting.  Yellow crosses represent destroyed Soviet units.  Grey crosses represent destroyed German units.  Objectives in green are under control of the Germans.



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