Command Ops: The Second Assault - Is Available For Download

Stalingrad Sept 27, 1942
"The Second Assault" is a new scenario covering the German attack on the factories in the northern half of the City from Sept 27 - Oct 1.

To make this scenario I have pushed the limits of the engine in terms of the number of units, ferrying operations and airstrikes.The Germans have 103 units and the Soviets have 125 units.  The Volga is particularly wide and nearly exhausts the Soviet units that attempt the crossing. Micromanaging ferry operations as the Soviet player is critical.  The game's AI will want to stop mid-crossing and refuel depending on the circumstances of the crossing.  With respect to air support, I've doubled the number of recommended airstrikes for the German player to simulate the German air dominance in the early phases of the operation.

The map is very accurate.  It is a trace of a 1cm:1km Soviet army map from the early 1950s.  I changed the perspective of the map to give the scenario a different feel.  It is oriented with west at the top of your screen and east at the bottom.  The eastern side of the Volga has few details traced.  That was a deliberate attempt by me to draw your focus completely on the City.

German player:
The German player attacks with five divisions including one Panzer division.

 It is impossible to fully represent so many units in the game so each division has a fraction of the troops that actually participated.  Some divisions are more completely modeled based on their participation in this phase of the battle.  Tactically there are some interesting choices for this player.  The Orlovka Salient, a Soviet position about 7km west of the City is a thorn in the side of the 6th Army advance.
The decision to reduce it or bypass it is an important one and must be made early by the player.

Other tactical considerations include how to take the massive Tractor Works (represented with two objective points), whether to try for the Rynok objective at all, how to prevent Soviet forces from crossing the Volga and how to seize Mamaev Kurgan without stalling the advance to name a few.  I've found the German side very challenging.

Soviet player:
The 62nd Army's position is unenviable.  German forces are flowing against the factories at many
pressure points.  The crossing of the Volga is vulnerable to artillery and some units within the Army have been greatly reduced.  On paper the army consists of 5 divisions, 2 Infantry brigades and 1 armor brigade but in reality many of these forces have less than 50% of establishment.

Like the German side it is impossible within the limitations of the game to fully represent the 62nd army.  And so, as the 62nd commander, you will be in charge of some of the forces that fought in this particular phase of the battle.

For me the biggest decision that must be made by the Soviet player is whether or not to defend the Orlovka salient.  General Chuikov the Soviet commander was under extreme pressure to not give up any ground and so a hold at all costs order was given to the forces there.  Only a battalion slipped by the German ring that surrounded it.  The remainder of the 115th brigade was destroyed there. Another important decision is where to allocate what is left of the 137th armor brigade.  The only Soviet armor formation within the City.

Soviet intelligence helped prepare Chuikovfor the assault and the 8th Air Army actually provided the Soviets with a level of air cover they did not have in the initial phase of the operation.

The scenario is not complete. I still have playability edits I want to make and I need to edit portions of the map.  However, I do want to release it to the community.  So please consider this a beta version of the scenario and send me any edits, thoughts, comments, etc. that you might have.

Merry Christmas!


PS To download the scenario please click here.


Unknown said…
Just starting to get to grips with the OOB, Chris. Well done and many thanks!
But - why do you say the game engine can't handle the numbers of forces involved? Is it 6 Divisions, roughly (per side)? The big scenarios in BFTB and HTTR handle those kinds of numbers - From the Meuse to the Rhine, for example has a large Corps on each side, and there are roughly 6 whole divisions in the Allied OOB for that scenario. This map is big enough to handle all the men involved, I would have thought, no?
Chris said…
Hi Peter. That's interesting. I've not played any of the larger scenarios in HTTR and did not realize how big they were. The feedback I received from my Hubertus scenario was that the engine was struggling to handle calculations for 200 or so units per side. I see however that MtoR has over 1200 units combined. Maybe it's time to beef up Stalingrad and see if Hubertus was an anomaly. I will run Prokhorovka at full capacity and see what happens.

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