Command Ops: Battle of Prokhorovka

Development screen for the armor battle of Prokhorovka in July 1943. This is a new scenario I am working on. That's 1st and 3rd SS Panzer divisions moving north.


Peter Winship said…
How exciting, Chris! So is the topmost river the Psel? I thought that Totenkopf were already over the Psel by around 10th July, fighting to preserve a bridgehead there? Could be wrong about dates. I have - from maps in the Nipe book - LAH as deployed, by 12 July - the day Nipe thinks was the crucial day and the day elements of 5th Guards Tank Army launched their attack at, mainly, LAH - I have LAH as deployed roughly where you have them, left of the rail line into Prokhorovka from the bottom of the map, between the villages of Komssomolets and Oktjasriskij being attacked by units from the 18th Tank Corps, I think, namely the 170th, 31st and 110th Tank Brigades, plus the 53rd brigade (I think some kind of soviet mech infantry brigade). Nipe puts the 9th Guards Airborne in Prokhorovka itself, I think, by this point. Totenkopf are further east, sth of their Psel bridgehead, and in it. Das Reich are across the other side of the rail line and a little further south. Is the hill in your map 252.2?

If you like I can scan his map for 12 July and try to mail you it?
Chris said…
Hi Peter. It may not be obvious but I have a battalion of Totenkopf division in a bridgehead on northern side Psel river and the rest of the 3rd division strung along road into the bridgehead. I do have Hill 252.2 to the southwest of map. A scan of your map would be great. My email is chris(at)

I read there is a 5km gap between 3 and 1 SS divisions. 1st Recon for LSSAH is the lead unit and I had them half way between southern edge of map and Psel bridgehead. I am starting scenario at 04:00 hrs on 10th.

I just did a playtest of scenario (see FB for description). Can you tell me which Soviet tank brigades were present? Only two I have identified from online sources were 29 and 31? Oh I see you also have 170 and 110 also. cool.

This is going to be some battle. Losses were catastrophic in my first run through and I have about 20% of OOB for both sides present.
Chris said…
I should add I assaulted Prokhorovka head on with two battalions of panzers. The 301st Anti-tank regiment is dug in there and they crippled my battalions. Not like the battle at all. Of course Germans probably did hit it head on either. I just wanted to see what would happen.

What does Nipe put German tank losses at for battle? wikipedia estimated about 43 including most of Tigers present.
Peter Winship said…
Around 53, yes, for all of 2 PK, I think - but around 17 for LAH - but the Soviet losses should come out around 200, I think. I'll check. I thought there weren't Soviet tanks there yet wen the Axis approached on the 10th? Not sure. The reason the Soviets suffered so many losses of tanks was that they were attacking hull down Axis armour and the doctrine demanded they close rapidly to negate Axis superiority in optics and range, but this meant that as they closed over open ground they were easy targets and were decimated whilst being unable to effectively return fire (because moving). They did reach the Axis positions and then the fight was more even, but still suffered from Soviet doctrine, which, for instance, said the commanders should be buttoned up all the time they were advancing or engaging, whereas Axis commanders were out there spotting and exposed.

I'll check with Nipe about the 10th and try to get a decent scan.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. I played another round again. AFV losses for Axis forces were high but better. Your maps have helped immeasurably.
Peter Winship said…
Cool. Looking forward to it. When will it be done, do you think?
Chris said…
Hopefully tomorrow. I am about 80% done with OOB. Need to add in some of Das Reich. Soviets are done. Also I think I need to make Hill 252 an objective. Otherwise Soviet AI hedges in half the play throughs and doesn't attack.

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