Vimeiro: The French Tide Crests And Begins to Break

I have the feeling when I look back at the French attack for this battle, turn 6 will be their high water mark.  They've attacked in four separate columns instead of the two used historically and the terrain has kept them from working effectively together.

The fighting to the south.  You can make out the four French columns (the northern one at Ventosa (just visible), the column of horse that flowed from Toledo, the main effort along the road into Vimeiro and the southern most column which tried to turn my flank.
The overview of my turn 6 action.  Bowes has helped stabilize the center as his brigade deploys. Trant and his Portugese troops are on the march.  Nightingall and Craufurd though cutoff slightly from the main body are in good enough shape to harass what's left of the French northern column and in Vimeiro Wellington has taken direct command and is managing the defense.
I am eager to play this one using PBEM. I don't think a human player would have split their effort into four columns like this. I maybe wrong though.  After I finish this battle, I am going to play from the French perspective and see if I can't improve upon the result of the AI.

Of course on turn 7 I might get smacked around a little, but what you can't see from these screenshots is that the majority of the main French effort at Vimeiro and then again with the northern column is disordered and ground to a halt.  While my British forces have retained their organization and movement through a conservation of efforts.  Something I've learned this game rewards.


Doug Miller said…
So you about ready to get started playing again? Too much work getting in the way stuff!
Chris said…
Hey Doug. Yes I am ready! Played through 9 turns of Vimeiro this morning and it looks like I will score a minor victory. Looking through some scenarios now.