JTS Peninsular War: Battle of Vimeiro Part 1

Peninsular War is worth purchasing if you like gaming the Napoleonic period. I own Leipzig, Stalingrad and War on the Southern Front already but have to say in a few short days this is now my favorite JTS title.

The maps are highly detailed, graphics are improved, the AI seems smarter and the subject matter happens to cover my favorite Napoleonic battles.

I've chosen to play the 16 turn battle of Vimeiro first.  It is Wellington's first large engagement against the French in Portugal as Rolica (days before) was more of a skirmish. I am playing as the British as I am more familiar with them  (read Wellington's Rifles as a great companion to this JTS title. Will cover all of the major battles that the Rifles were present for in Portugal/Spain theater).

Turn 4: Acland's 2nd Bde is moving to fill the gap between Vimeiro and the British line extending to the north towards Ventosa farm.

Turn 4: Nightingall and Ferguson's Bde have met the French attempt to flank the British line at Ventosa.  Using the elevated ground to their advantage they are pouring fire down upon the French advance under Delaborde as they struggle to move over the broken ground.
Turn 5:  Fearing the French might actually drive a wedge between my two brigades at Ventosa and main body at Vimeiro I order Craufurds Bde forward off the ridge to the south of Ventosa.  

Turn 6:  Overview of the battle. I feel confident that I've met and contained the northern flanking move from the French.  The appearance of French cavalry west of  Toledo is worrisome and opposite the weakest section of my line.  The Portugese could help there but they are still fixed. Instead of moving Bowes' Bde just north of Vimeiro I am actually going to send them up the Ventosa road and deploy them north of Craufurd opposite the French cavalry. Outside of Vimeiro I am pulling the Rifles back in behind the main line and moving Thompson's cavalry forward to cover the flank.  Two regiments of French Grenadiers are marching forward and they must be held back.

The fighting outside of Ventosa farm.

Another example of the improved 3D graphics. Thomieres Bde of French line troops with two attached companies of Swiss line infantry are cut to pieces by a Royal artillery battery placed across the main road into Vimeiro and harassing skirmishers from the 95th rifles.

A zoomed out shot of the French advance into Vimeiro.  The probe in the south by French line infantry in skirmishers is being easily handled by my line of British infantry along the slight rise in the ground south of Vimeiro.  Behind Vimeiro you can see Barnard Bowes 4th Bde as it marches to the relief of the left flank at Vimeiro.  The Portugese units to their north are still in their "fixed" state and will release later in the morning.
Stay tuned for more...


Mark H. Walker said…
Have you ever read any of Cornwell's Sharpe's series?
Chris said…
Hi Mark. I have read some of them. I read the first few set in India and the Waterloo title. I read one more in Spain but can't remember which one. Finishing the series has always been on my to do list. Any in particular you recommend?

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