Command Ops: Westwall Preview

A few months ago I was asked to supplement the Westwall data pack with four additional scenarios.  Yesterday I asked Dave if I might post 2-3 screenshots of the scenarios here on the blog as a way of a preview (and to also explain why I've been so quiet about CO). Dave graciously agreed and so here are previews of 3 of the 4 scenarios I created (please note the screen grabs use version 1 of CO):

"Dr. Bäke Comes West": 15 kms west of the Moselle River the newly formed 106 Pz Bde led by legendary Eastern Front tank commander Dr. Franz Bäke has been released on the exposed flank of the American 90th Infantry division for a 48 hour counterattack.

"Flanking Metz": Nov. 1944:  Elements of the American 90th infantry division have crossed the flooded Moselle river at night, catching the German defenders by surprise.  Without armor support they are tasked with holding their bridgehead until help can arrive.  German reinforcements arrive first...

"The Siegfried Switch":  Nov. 1944: The American 10th Armored Division is staging south of the German fortifications along the Nennig-Orscholz line for a thrust into Germany through the "Siegfried Switch."

I've been very fortunate to play the other scenarios in this data pack and I can say they are very challenging and different. I also enjoyed creating these scenarios and the research behind them. I knew little of the fighting in an around Metz and quickly realized it was incredibly hard going for the troops involved on both sides of the battles.

Stay tuned for more details from Dave very soon about this data pack.


Shastar said…
A data pack ... cool ! Good job Chris !

I'm waiting to see that !