Panzer Battles Demo 1.01 Preview

Plus “Nobody wins at Komarovka” an AAR
Good news!
Wargame Design Studio is publishing very soon an update to their FREE DEMO, that includes:
  • Five new scenarios covering the actions in the Perekop area in the Crimea in 1941
  • Two new scenarios covering actions in Narva Estonia in 1944
  • One new scenario covering an action at Cassino Italy in 1944
  • There are now twenty-five (including variants) scenarios in total.
I am excited to say that I designed these new scenarios and David Freer polished them up for the demo.
The demo update will also include:
  • New graphics for all theatres
  • New sounds
  • Also, some code changes and scenario updates
Here is a look at the briefings for two of my favorite scenarios:
“Cassino Station”
Cassino, Italy: February 17, 1944:  The 2nd New Zealand division headquarters has assigned the 28 Maori Bn with a night-time mission of seizing the train station south of Cassino.  Behind the Maoris, engineers with Bailey bridges will move forward and repair the destroyed bridges preventing American and British armor from moving into the town and the valley beyond.  As the Maori commander can you take and hold the station?
You should play as the Allies in this scenario.  What the Maoris achieved was almost impossible and incredibly brave.
“Perekop - Across the Tartar Ditch”
Across the Tartar Ditch:  Having beaten back a Soviet counterattack on the 25th and with the villages of Perekop and Chervonyi Chaban firmly in German hands, Hansen resumed his attack on the 26th. Eager to avoid the heavily fortified position of Fort Perekop in the center of the Soviet defensive line, he attacked along the western section of the Tartar Wall on the morning of the 26th. SS Pioneers from LSSAH, supported by Stossegruppen from the 46 and 73rd infantry divisions, moved forward behind the protective screen of smoke to breach wall and seize the vital crossroads village of Armyan'sk less than two kilometers away.
Because they are in a very tight spot, my preference to is to play as the Soviets for these Perekop scenarios. 
“Nobody wins at Komarovka” an AAR
“Holding Komarovka” is a short, very bloody scenario that makes either commander choose between bad tactical options as they try to win the battle.  In my opinion, this battle is more interesting to play from the German side.
Scenario briefing:
Komarovka, Estonia: 5th March, 1944. (Scenario Size: Regiment. Head to Head or Human or either side vs AI) The German army is retreating across Estonia to the strong point of Narva and it's medieval fortifications. In early March, the III SS Panzer Corps is fighting a series of rearguard actions as the defensive line is fortified behind them. At Komarovka, 10kms east of Narva. 6 Coy II Bn of the 47 SS Gren Regt is conducting a reconnaissance in strength with a platoon of Tiger I tanks from the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion.  The new II battalion commander Major Alfons Rebane is leading the probe when they run into the forward elements of a mixed force of Soviet rifle infantry and armor from the 2nd Shock Army.    Complicating matters, the lead Tiger has run out of gas just outside of the village. Rebane, a native Estonian, decides to hold his ground against the Soviets until the Tiger tank can be removed to the rear.  His plan is to occupy the old German defensive positions here and hold them indefinitely.
Turn 1:  The Soviets close very quickly.  The disabled Tiger is in the village and the remaining tanks in the platoon have fanned out south of the village to provide a screen of the main road, while Rebane’s Company 6 gets into position.
Turn 5: The Tigers are holding steady as the Soviet forces converge on Komarovka from two different directions.  Soviet troops are in the outskirts of the village.  Four T-34s are destroyed by a combination of the Tigers and some “off-board” artillery support.
Turn 10:  By Turn 10 the pressure on the objective is building. Rebane’s HQ unit is under the threat of overrun by 8 T -34s that ultimately pass them by.  Visibility is worsening and so the dug-in German units to the south are forced to move into range onto the small bluff behind the village.  I have two Tigers left.  The immobilized tank that made this village suddenly significant is in flames.
Turn 15: Rebane’s done his job, sacrificing his infantry platoons to save two Tigers, six field guns and slow the Soviet advance while the defensive line behind him is stabilized.  It doesn’t feel like a victory though, as he retreats on the final turn for Narva, while the remnants of two of his platoons are surrounded.  
Rebane’s successful defense of the village, gives him a major victory at a heavy cost.  Soviet losses are even higher.
The final battlefield screen:


Simon said…
Chris, Thank you very much for all your great work. Odd question, could I add/drop your Cassino Station scenario into the Demo, or does it need to go with the Normandy game?

Many thanks,
Chris said…
Hi Simon it can go into the Demo. The news demo has been released here:
Karahan said…
Such a great update - and for a free demo as well. Just played "Holding Komarovka" myself, a nice, small but tense scenario. Tigers demolish attacking T-34s without too much of a problem, but Soviet infantry is overwhelming. Here is my result:
Chris said…
Glad you liked it!

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