Thursday, April 4, 2019

Panzer Battles Kursk - Revised Maps

A zoomed in shot of the NEW "Getting Started" scenario map.
A zoomed in shot of the NEW "II SS PzK July 5" map for the July 5: SS Attack scenario.

Maps matter to me in wargaming and are often the difference between immersion and disinterest.  Maybe I am not alone in that.

The map detail for the Panzer Battles series has been steadily improving, but the original maps for the Kursk - Southern Flank title are lacking in my opinion.  I believe that they are the original Panzer Campaigns maps converted to scale for the Panzer Battles series.

What that conversion does is create oversized villages, massive forests and other map features that don't look anything like the present day villages and woods, let alone the 1943 version of these places.

Here is a good example of the difference between a stock map and it's revision:

The stock Berezovka map.  Russian villages don't look like this.  They are built-up along the existing road nets and look like stick-like versions of these villages.  Behind Russian homes are small fields, hedges, sheds, barns, stone walls and stands of woods.  

The NEW Berezovka map.  The kilometers of  cultivated fields surrounding these villages that you see from satellite photos of the current day have been added in (these villages still haven't changed very much from the 1940s).  Tracks have been added to isolated barns and orchards.  The villages have been reduced from massive clusters of homes to homes that border roads and tracks.  Plots of land, hedges, etc have been added as borders to these villages.

This is an ongoing project, but one you can borrow from as I add maps.  To download the Berezovka, II SS Attack July 5 and Getting Started Maps go to my dropbox here.  You can just replace the existing maps in your Kursk "Scenarios" folder.

I am editing the maps of the scenarios I like first, but will eventually get to all of them.  A stickler for detail might notice that sometimes the same village will look differently on the maps that overlap.  That is because I am not going through the process of editing the big maps and recutting them.  I thought this would take longer and wanted to play on edited maps sooner.

If that's a problem for you, then these aren't for you.



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