Command Ops 2: Korsun Update

3rd GE Pz Div stretches to cover the line.

A view of the 389 GE Inf Div positions.  It is easy to see how the Russians punched a hole through the line there.
I am continuing to work on the Korsun scenarios for Command Ops 2. Below, I am playing as the Germans. The visibility for the beginning of the scenario is 500 meters which means much of the Russian force is obscured by lightly falling snow. The red units are based on the starting intel display. The weather swings wildly from snow to rain during the scenario and causes the frozen ground to turn to mud by the end of the third day. You are looking at the historical positions of 389 GE Inf Div. It is easy to see how the Soviets punched a hole in the line there.


Yaro said…
Looks great! Is it available for download somewhere?
Chris said…
Hi Yaro! Not yet, but hopefully by the end of the month.
ioncore28a said…
JFYI, as Steam Workshop is now up and running, you're welcome to share your scenarios there.
Blücher said…
Korsun is my favorite battle. Is it available for download perhaps?

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