Panzer Campaigns: Reimagining Mius 43

"Dmitriyevka Defense" is a slightly re-imagined version of the Mius 43 demo.  In the screenshot about the GE 306ID is falling back to a defensive training line after the Mius line has been breached. 
There is too much counter-pushing for my tastes within Panzer Campaigns.  I prefer a mid sized scenario with a few divisions on either side and a decent sized chunk of real estate to work with.

I can't play the massive scenarios.  I have tried, believe me, but I always run out of time due to the scale and scenario length.  I don't think I am alone in this, based on the blog and facebook feedback I have seen.

This new scenario "Dmitriyevka Defense" is a cutout of the larger Mius Campaign scenario in the demo.  To play it, you will need to download the demo from here plus my map and scenario file here.

It is the perfect size and length for me. I hope you enjoy it.

Scenario specifics:
- Historical positioning.
- I combined companies into battalions so there is less counter pushing for the human Axis player.
- I have added additional detail to the maps using satellite photos from Google Earth (like much of the Eastern Front, this area has changed  little since the war).
- The battlefield is 30km x 18 kilometers wide.  I think this is an ideal size for a PzC scenario.
- I added Russian 1st and 2nd Echelon markings to the map to give the player an sense of how a Russian "deep operation" was conducted in 1943 (by then in the war, they were getting pretty good at it).  It might be a little weird playing with fog of war turned on and these map markings showing, but I've kept them in nonetheless.
- There is a full panel of historical air support for both sides.
-There is a historical default reinforcement schedule for both sides.  The Russian reinforcement is their third echelon of forces.
-I've amended the AI orders and simplified them.  The AI seems to do better at this scale.  The Soviet AI will attack appropriately.
- The overall German strengh is 11,017 men, 127 guns, 88 vehicles and 65 planes.
- The overall Russian strength is 30,145 men, 434 guns, 268 vehicles and 297 planes.
-  The Russian to German strength ratios are historically proportionate for this section of the Mius line.


Joseph Meighan said…
I have come to appreciate the Panzer Battles series especially the new North Africa 41. As there is not a lot of counter pushing. The massive Panzer Campaigns are just too much for me and my limited gaming time. Don't get me wrong though if I didn't have work, young kids, wife etc. I would love to play a massive scenario but I just don't see it ever happening.
Chris said…
Totally agree. That is why I am going to try and create a collection of smaller scenarios for each of the titles I own.

Ickie said…
The Bigger the better,see everone has a diffrent opinion :) If you have the time it seems then why not go for the bigger one's,if you don't and time is a factor then then theres the smaller scenarios.Most Strategic wargames take some fair amount of time to play anyways if your wanting to complete it etc,i never think "ill get this started and finished by tea time!"I enjoy playing over a week or two.Tournaments for that fact also go on for a couple of weeks,sometimes same scenario or campaign at a time,and thats daily play too and if your at home you have to then deal with time zones too.D-Day for example now that is never a small scenario,unless split into "Beaches"most fun to play scenarios and campaigns i can think of are all of a certian size.
Ickie said…
P-s i forgot to add i love the Artwork we now see in these re-makes and also in the recent Pz Battles Games,a paton the back to the Artists responsible :)

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