Campaign Waterloo: Historical Quatre Bras Scenario AI Update

The French AI in the historical Quatre Bras scenario doesn't really have a plan.
I have a few Napoleonic battles that I am really interested in.  Three from the Peninsular war: Vimeiro, Bussaco, Albuera AND one from the Waterloo campaign: Quatre Bras.

John Tiller Software's game Campaign Waterloo has a Quatre Bras scenario (actually there are 4-5 variants too) but it is really for head to head players and not for soloing, because the AI script doesn't have any orders. And this lack of orders causes the AI to default to some very direct attacks.

Anyway, because I like to play as the Allies, I created a version of the scenario with 3 French AI scripts.  Nothing too drastic in terms of orders but at least now there are multiple scripts and the AI can seize objectives from you.

Here is a link to download the file.   


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