PzB North Africa 1941: Tobruk - April 30, Full Attack AAR

Pioneers lead the way into the minefields and obstacles of the Allied defensive line around Point 209.
Scenario Briefing: Tobruk, Eastern Cyrenaica, Libya: April 30th, 1941. (Scenario Size: Regiment. Axis Human vs Allied AI or Head to Head. This scenario uses variable objective victory points) Rommel decided to try and capture Tobruk for the fourth time as his new unit, 15. Panzer Division arrived to the west of the fortress. The Deutsches Afrika-Korps, now spent the time to prepare and reconnoitre the Allied defences around the high ground at Point 209. Deciding to launch a night attack, kampfgruppe were to attack either side of the high ground and then to converge and clear it. Newly arrived pioniers were to clear the defences and help breach the Allied positions. Facing the Axis, the Australian 2/24th Battalion had just replaced 2/48th Battalion that had moved back into reserve. The 2/24th were immediately under pressure, the attack occurring on only the 2nd night after they had moved into the forward positions.

Result:  Axis Defeat

Final Thoughts:
At 20 turns long I think it is a good length for this scenario.  This was a much different challenge than the Heraklion scenario and shows off well the scope and variety of the game.

I've yet to post about the wide-open desert scenarios that this game contains so please stay tuned for those....

The Artillery dialog is the best way to manage fire support.  Unfortunately the guns were largely ineffective against the improved positions and bunkers of the Allied defense.

Isolating and reducing the defenses of strongpoints through multiple assaults is the only way to take these positions.  Firing from an adjacent hex is ineffective.

Having pierced the Allied line under the cover of darkness, I am slowly feeling my way forward towards the Allied objectives at Forbes Mound.

II Bn 5th Panzer Regiment arrives at dawn to exploit the 1km wide breach I have made.

A zoomed out view more than half way through the scenario.  

I've captured the Forbes Mound objectives and moved IIBn 5Pz Regt into a defensive position, just as an Allied counterattack materializes.

The counterattack lasts three turns and then it is over with the end of the scenario. It was fortunate that I had moved the tank battalion into the breach when I did.  
I feel like I have won because I seized the rear objectives and after making two distinct breaches in the defensive line.  On points however I suffered a minor defeat.

Final screen.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the AAR, this and Heraklion are fun to read and very informative... now you only need touch a scen with italians hehehe.
Travis Weir said…
looking fwd to your next AAR ... interested to see how the Italians perform
Chris said…
HI Travis. Thanks for the comment. I am almost done with a scenario called the "Fall of Sidi Barrani and should have a new blog up soon." The Italians in that scenario have proved tougher than the historical ones. I have also driven myself to the point of frustration as I blunder through the Italian defensive front in a sandstorm. Stay tuned!

Xaver said…
Sounds as a good option we can see the black shirts in combat.

I remember to that in El-Alamein compass mod italians could fight to burn allies and where relative strong into their weakness... maybe fragile nation rule from FWW and PzC could be proted to PzB.

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