PzB North Africa 1941 - "Corinth Canal - Fallschirmjaeger Attack" AAR

Scenario Briefing:

Corinth Canal, Peloponnesus, Greece: April 26th, 1941. (Scenario Size: Regiment Head to Head or Human vs Allied AI) With the surrender of the Greek 2nd Army on April 20th, it was clear that Greece could not be saved and the Allied expeditionary force (W Force) would have to be evacuated quickly or annihilated. To that end, General Wilson, ordered the embarkation of as many troops as possible from southern Greek ports. The Germans realising this decided to capture the single bridge over Corinth Canal in the hope of trapping any units that had not crossed already into the Peloponnesus.   Generalleutnant Karl Student proposed his Fallschirmj√§ger could take the bridge quickly and once agreed that Oberst Alfred Sturm's Fallschirmj√§ger-Regt 2 lead the assault. Defending the canal was Isthmus Force a motley collection of Allied units, expecting an assault from the land, not the air.  Length: 10 turns


I've jumped onto friendlier ground.  Operation Hannibal is underway as Oberst Sturm's FJ Regiment 2 drops on both sides of the Corinth Canal.

The Arrived dialog details my turn 2 arrivals as 2nd platoon, 3rd Company Pionier BN 7 makes a dash for the canal bridge under fire from a hodgepodge of W force's guns.

Scheiss, the bridge goes up in an explosion heard on both sides of the canal as more Fallschirmjaeger arrive.
By turn five with objectives on both sides of the canal bridge in my hands, I am thinking big picture as I send four separate columns away from the canal to grab the British held objectives in Korinth and Examilia and the Greek held objectives at Kalamakia and Aghia Theodori.

By turn 10 I've cleared the canal area and Blood Hill of it's defenders (close assaults are a must) as well as Korinth.  Moving my forces outwards away from the canal as soon as things felt in hand there, has netted me five of the eight objectives.  
One of the objectives I fail to grab is Examilia where the Isthmus force is headquartered.  You can see the hodgepodge nature of the Allied defense clearly here with units from the 12th Greek Regt, the 4th Hussars Regt and the NZ 6 Field company pictured.
I've secured a minor victory despite suffering 2x the historical casualty rate.
Overall, this scenario is a cakewalk compared to some of the others I've played from this title.  Despite that I enjoyed the change of pace and a re-examination of the perils and problems airborne units face over their landing zones and once they jump behind enemy lines.

Any ideas on what battle you want me to blog about next?  Aside from my Perekop scenarios and a handful of Kursk and Normandy scenarios, this is the most fun that I have had with the Panzer Battles game! 


Xaver said…
Thanks for the AAR, well, this is more the tipical "rush rush" Tiller scen with a lot of things to do in a very limited time hehehe.

As suggestion for next AAR... i think is interesting do a DAR and posts 1-2 turns with more detail in what game offer, instead play hard to have a fast AAR take your time to create something more inmersive.

I think Brevity or Battle Axe are good options, they are relative big, and offer good option for a DAR or a more paused AAR.

If you prefer do another AAR like the last you post and the love you show for "trench warfare" is possible play the scen about the break from Tobruk in Crusader or a scen about a german counter around Sidi Rezegh

Again thanks for your AARs, they are fun and a good way to made waiting more gentle

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