Wars in America: 1778 Northern Campaign Scenario

Attempting to cut General Washington and the Continental army off from their supply, I execute three strategic movements simultaneously.  Lord Cornwallis marching up the New Jersey coast on Amboy, General Ohara crossing the Delaware at Maidenhead and Von Rall marching from Stony Point to Morristown.
 1778 was a particularly tough year for the British army in North America.  After the ignominious surrender of General John Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777, the inaction of General Howe for much of the campaigning season and the general cautiousness of Henry Clinton, command of the British army of 1778 fell to Clinton after Howe's resignation.

Determined to consolidate his forces, Clinton successfully executed a strategic retreat of the British army overland to New York City from Philadelphia, managing to fight General Washington to a draw at Monmouth.

In Wars of America, a game by AGEOD, I take command of the 1778 British Army with a different ambition.  I have decided to keep control of Philadelphia while expanding my influence in and around New York.  I am also taking a more aggressive posture in New England in order to keep the Continental Army in New England occupied as well as the French who have joined the war against their old adversary Britain.

While offensive land operations in New England are being led by Valentine Jones and William Tryon, Admiral Drake leads a number of sea actions from the Long Island Sound to the Cape.

With Washington forced to retreat, I consolidate my forces, seizing Perth Amboy, further securing my position in New York.

Land successes by Brig. General Valentine Jones have resulted in the capture of New London and New Haven, while Admiral Drake moves parallel to Jones onto Long Island Sound.

In an effort to harden my control of seized territory, I begin construction of forts in New York and in New Haven.  Fort Valentine Jones is besieged quickly by the French Admiral d'Estaing.  

One of the interesting aspects of this game, is the Loyalty of particular regions.  Here I am highlighting the loyalty of the Stony Point region, which is as Tory as you get in 1778 (42%).  Stony Point, located in present day Rockland county NY was historically Tory, with many famous British loyalists coming from it.

Tryon is defeated at Providence.  The first of a succession of battles led by d'Estaing.  I didn't have enough forces in New England apparently or bit off more than I could chew.  Providence, Newport and New London will all fall to the combined French-American army.

A zoomed out view of the southern New England coast, in December 1778.  The campaigning season is winding down and the initiative has swung away from the Empire.
Overall, Wars in America is a very interesting game detailing the French & Indian War, the American Revolution and the War of 1812.  It does a good job reflecting the challenges faced by both sides and is historically very pleasing (down to the loyalty of regions, obscure commanders like Valentine Jones, etc).

I am thoroughly enjoying it and if you like operational AMRW games, this is for you.


Midgett Joseph said…
I have been wanting to play this, but I brought Battles in Italy from Matrix and can not play it because the game is so small you can;t read the icons. What OS are you using?
Chris said…
Hi Joseph. I use Windows 10.

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