Mini Review: The Seven Years War by John Tiller Software

Battle of Rossbach:  Keep your units in formation and under command!

The Seven Years War from John Tiller Software: 

Screenshots are from The Battle of Rossbach. 

Positive:  Great palette for maps, more aggressive AI (cavalry charges are really banzai charges), emphasis on command, devastating volley fire and general thoughtfulness all around. Historical notes as good as always.

Negative:  No 3D like the newer JTS Civil War upgraded titles.  The AI is better overall. Is the AI going to beat you?  Probably not.  Play it by PBEM though and you won't be disappointed in the least.

Battle of Rossbach:  Zoomed out view of the battle.  The Prussians are blue.

Battle of Rossbach:  Prussian force is advancing in good order on the French and Austrian vanguard of cavalry.

Battle of Rossbach:  Dear Lord prepare me for what I am about to receive. The French cavalry prepares to charge.

Battle of Rossbach:  The AI charges whenever it can.  This results in catastrophic losses for the cavalry more often than not, but keeps you on your toes.  The resulting disorder you receive from a charge is enough to turn a battle.  Units don't form square either!


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