Campaign Waterloo: French Lancers in action at Quatre Bras

French lancers go on a wide swinging movement trying to pinpoint where the British and Prussian forces are.

Dutch and Belgian cavalry opened up a hole after they pushed the 2e Brigade skirmish line aside.  Here a French lancer unit charges into the hole, driving the Belgians back with heavy losses.

The Allied Left is wide open or so it seems.  Here two regiments of French lancers hurtle towards Les Quatre Bras.  You can see to the south of them, the almost encircled Dutch force of the Prince of Orange.
Ney's force of cavalry at Quatre Bras in John Tiller's qualifications is top notch (A's and A+ units).  In the historical battle they were instrumental in fixing the Prince of Orange's force for Ney as he brought up his reinforcements, but from my reading they seem to have taken a backseat in the actual fighting afterwards, much of which seems to have occurred on the French left in the Bossu woods and in the center around Gemioncourt and later Quatre Bras.


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