My 2018 gaming resolutions

The Operational Art of War IV: Market Garden 44 scenario.

My gaming resolutions for this year in no particular order are (drumroll, please):

The Battle of Bussaco 1810.

  1. Play one tabletop wargame per month (first up La Patrie en Danger from OSG)
  2. Complete a Napoleon's campaigns scenario from AGEOD ( I am leaning towards the long 100+ turn Peninsular War one).
  3. Achieve a victory at the "Year of Four Emperors" scenario for Alea Jacta Est (another AGEOD title).  This may take me all year.
  4. Complete my Command Ops 2 Korsun scenario for blog readers.
  5. Deliver a Narva 1944 Panzer Battles scenario for blog readers. 
  6. Play all of the Vietnam scenarios in the TOAWIV.  
  7. Beat Doug at Cry Havoc in one PBEM game (I know I actually have to play a game to make this happen ;)).  
  8. Finish my play through of JTS's Bussaco 1810 scenario where I am currently beating the pants off Wellington (AI player) because I swung north of the monastery with two Corps instead of attacking it head on (Massena what were you thinking).
  9. Deliver content more regularly for blog readers instead of rattling off lists I know I won't keep (or at least not fully).

If you have a comment about my dreams above or wish to share your resolutions, please do so below! Thanks!

And to all, may 2018 be brighter for everyone!



Joseph Meighan said…
Chris just want to say I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your posts this year.
Marco Diaz said…
Keep the posts going and we're happy, have a very good year.
Chris said…
Thanks Marco! You too.