Command Ops 2 Korsun: "Smela Sector" Screenshots

"Smela Sector" is a what-if scenario detailing the Soviet attack on the left shoulder of the German XI Korps. This is for Command Ops 2. It is an Eastern Front scenario with a new Eastern Front establishment file researched and created by Bletchley Geek from the CO forums.

The "Smela Sector" scenario details the fighting north of the historical Soviet offensive against the GE 389th Inf Div which led to the encirclement of the German 8th army.  
A zoomed out shot of the northern half of the battlefield.  

2 Soviet Corps comprised of 3 Rifle divisions, 1 Guards Rifle division and 1 Guards Airborne division will attack the Germans.

Planning windows are open as the Soviets kick off their holding attack.

My sincere hope is to make this available by Christmas.  Please stay tuned.


Marco Diaz said…
Nice, that is what CO 2 lacks more, eastern scenarios.
Roman Burychenko said…
Chris, Merry Christmas! :)

PS Thank you very much for your scenarios.

Best Regards, Roman Burychenko.
Chris said…
Thank you Roman! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Thanks for your comment Marco!
Bert Saerens said…
It certainly looks like a tasty treat
Chris said…
Thanks Bert. Sorry to all that the development is creeping along. Still working on some AI issues for the Soviet attack.