Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Command Ops: New "Westwall" Scenario Pack Is Available For Download

Take command of the newly formed 106th Panzer Brigade and lead them in a daring counterattack on the flank of the advancing American army.

The following scenario pack contains:

Siegfried Switch
Flanking Metz
Bäke Comes West

These three scenarios were originally supposed to be a part of the Westwall release by Lock n Load publishing.  There are however a number of things wrong with them:

1. They use two different establishment files (Western Front 1944 and Westwall).
2.  They lack multiple reinforcement schedules (a Panther Games demand at the time).
3.  The maps aren't as detailed as some Panther Games maps (I guess) and the scale of the maps is off.  (I found the latter out after the three scenarios were done).

At the time of my sending these to Panther for their review, I was unable to spend anytime editing them because of an intense year-long work project.  So these scenarios dropped to the wayside as Westwall went into production and I didn't follow-up with LnL or Dave O'Connor at Panther to try and fix them once I did have time.  Frankly, I was pretty burned out on Command Ops by then and was underwhelmed by version 2.

I love these scenarios however.   They represent three very interesting moments in 1944 and cover the American entry into Germany, a German counterattack that almost succeeds and an incredibly brave effort by the 90th Infantry Division to flank the German fortress at Metz.  I highly recommend them.

These files have been gathering dust in my dropbox and I've just been too busy elsewhere to take the time to draft this post and much-needed explanation of these scenarios and their failings.  I hope though that despite the warts you will try them.  They are for Command Ops 1.  You will need to download all of the files (including both .COE and XML files to make them work) within this folder.

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