Command Ops 2: Prelude to Korsun

Fourteen reinforced Soviet rifle battalions have begun probing German positions 24 hours before the main battle will begin.  German forces are lightly spread across a 19 km front.  A Kampfgruppe from SS Wiking and a regiment from the 57th Infantry division are sent to stop the bleeding. 
The estab file for this scenario was created by Bletchley Geek and the map was too (though I am adding in features to the map and adding additional units to the estab file for the OOB).  I am not sure who created this Soviet Union map graphics pack but it is tremendous for a winter battle like Korsun.  It just looks cold!

This is still a long way off, but it is something I will make available when it is done.  In between now and then, I just have a Panzer Battles scenario I need to finish.

Zoomed out view of the battlefield. Only battalion level units or higher are showing.


Miguel said…
Very happy to see those maps in action :)

The map graphics were done by Pavel Voylov.


Chris said…
Thanks Miguel for giving me permission to build on all of your hard work! And thank you Pavel for these awesome graphics! I hope it comes close to what you had intended for Korsun.

Conceptually, "Prelude" will cover the fighting on the 24th (the day before the main attack by Konev).

The 2nd scenario I have planned is called "Locking the Door" and it covers the drive Jan. 25-27 to close the loop on the Germans. It will use the full Shpola-Burtki map which I am almost finished updating. I have a long way to go on that OOB though.

Your EF 1944 estab file is tremendous and I can't wait for folks to use the fully modeled forces instead of my slimmed down version of the Soviets.

When the Soviet artillery sounds in "Prelude" it is a continuous reign of fire.
Doug Miller said…
This is starting to look really great. This should pull me back into playing Command Ops.
Miguel said…
Hi Chris,

no worries, mate.

I am looking forward to roll out some of this stuff as soon as Pavel manages to whack all the Steam moles and we get Steam Workshop support.


Chris said…
Miguel it is exciting to see CO2 on Steam. Fingers crossed it helps rejuvenate the game.