Ultimate General: Civil War First Impressions

These images won't do the game justice. I am playing Malvern Hill the historical battle and the presentation, tactical choices, terrain maps are so much better than UG: Gettysburg I cannot believe it. To think I almost purchased Brother vs. brother recently to get a civil war fix. It would have been twice the cost with a clunky interface (by all accounts) and fewer choices for gaming. The price is 3x what UG: Gettysburg cost with early access but I have to say what I have seen so far is infinitely better. Wow. I didn't know this game was in the works and I feel blown away by it.

The map is so big I couldn't move out far enough for you to see it. And unlike Gettysburg, you are out of contact at the start and have to feel your way forward. Thrilling!

Surprise attack by the Union on my right flank. I moved Barksdale up thinking the Union AI would be cautious. Instead it attacked with two brigades and cut me up.
Get the game on STEAM here.


Anonymous said…
I have been playing for a couple of days and I have to say I think they have a real winner here.

This game with full development will be a real gem.
Chris said…
I totally agree! And they have proven they are willing to continuously update their games which is very encouraging.
Phil said…
I had no idea about his. Thanks for posting Chris.