Panzer Battles - "The Station" Cassino, 1944 is available for download

Scenario Description:

Cassino, Italy: February 17, 1944:  26 turns: The 2nd New Zealand division headquarters has assigned the 28 Maori Bn with a night time mission of seizing the train station south of Cassino.  Behind the Maoris, enginneers with Bailey bridges will move forward and repair the destroyed bridges preventing American and British armor from moving into the town and the valley beyond. As the Maori commander can you take and hold the station?

A note about the OOB:  I am using Panzer Battles Normandy as the base game.



Haplo said…
Hi. Thanks for the scenario but Monte Cassino was fought in 1944, not in 1943 ;)
Chris said…
Good catch! I am working on a Sicily scenario too and I guess when I did these I had 1943 on my mind. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Do you have anymore scenarios built for Panzer Battles Normandy?
Anonymous said…
Great Job Chris on this maybe the only scenario I could find for Panzer Battles Normandy! Do you have any more?
Chris said…
Hi Gary and Anon! Thanks for the comments. I don't currently have a scenario, but I was looking over some stuff around the Battle for Metz last night. I might do more around Cassino also (I have a great map for it). Will keep you posted!

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