AGEOD: The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 Part I

My knowledge of this conflict is minimal.  I became interested in playing Pride of Nations today with the release of a new update with improved AI. According to the announcement, the update brought the game up to the same standard as the newer AGEOD games.

I was eager to see what that meant for the game, so I jumped into the 40 turn Sepoy Mutiny instead of something bigger like the Boer War.

The rebellion starts outside of Delhi in the center of the country and quickly spreads across central India.  This opening screen explains why the 3rd Bengal cavalry chose to begin the revolt and what happened at Meerut.  By the end of Turn 1 Delhi has fallen.
My first offensive response is to send one of my more aggressive commanders MG Henry Barnard (3-2-1) from the Peshawar Depot at the head of an all Indian force of  two infantry detachments and a cavalry brigade into neighboring Attock.

Barnard earns the first victory for the British forces during the Mutiny.
From what I can tell northwest India has the greatest concentration of British staff officers at the start of the rebellion.  I quickly dispatch columns of troops led by these officers out to weed out the mutinous units in the region.  Units that move without a commander receive a negative bonus to calculations, making leaderless units very ineffective.
By July 1857, a relief force is forming under the hard-charging MG James Neil (3-2-2) in the state of Madras. He receives a movement bonus and will use it I hope to quickly march of the east coast of India to relieve Calcutta from a half-hearted siege by the rebel forces.
The largest concentration of enemy forces is in the heart of the rebellion in Delhi.  It is also radiating outwards sending smaller armies of mutineers to seize the surrounding British depots.  The Mughal army in Delhi has 715 strength points!
More to follow...


Anonymous said…
They REALLY updated this old game? WOW! I'm a big fan (and own quite a few) of the newer AGEOD games. Going to have to take a look at this again.
Chris said…
HI Anon. They really did update it and so far I am enjoying it. Before, I had only played a little of the Boer War campaign and then set it aside. Recently I've been playing the Thirty Years War which has been quite enjoyable so I decided to dust this game off. Thanks for the comment.