Campaign Waterloo: "Meeting Engagement" Scenario Available For Download

The French attack on the British left caught the Coldstream Guards by surprise and caused heavy losses initially.  

Wellington has grown impatient and been drawn out into battle on the British left.  Hoping to seize the higher ground beyond the sleepy village of Braine L'Alleud he has personally pushed forward with the 1st and 3rd divisions of the I Corp.  Standing between him and the heights are elements of the French 1st Corps.  Eager to join with Wellington, Marshal Ney has ridden forward with the 1e cavalerie.  Scouts have warned there is a French division en route marching through the Bois du Foriest.

This fictional scenario is 15 turns long.

My hope is to create a series of semi-plausible Napoleonic scenarios that don't involve a major time commitment.  As a father of two young children it can be hard to find the time to sit down and play a long scenario to it's completion. Waterloo has a number of short scenarios already and this series of "shorts" would only add to them.

I have used the base Waterloo map and OOB so the only file you should need is my scenario file.