Campaign 1776: Princeton - The Fighting Intensifies Part 2

This is the second part of my AAR of the Battle of Princeton. Part one is here.
Volley fire along the post road is intensifying as the British column is encircled by Mercer's brigade.  Over the next 15 minutes both sides will double their casualties.

Turn 12 – 8:55 AM

A British supply wagon has been sighted west of the Stony brook. 3rd company from Rawlings volunteers is once again on the march along the Post Road chasing the wagon down.

Hand’s regiment is marching parallel to the Post Road heading for Princeton. 

Washington and Glover are continuing to march towards Alexander Road and Princeton. 

Casualties are 59 American dead and 52 British dead.

Washington is leading Glover's brigade past the copse as it marches towards Princeton and the Alexander road. Those supply trains moving along the Quaker road towards the Pocket won't get there soon enough.

Turn 13 – 9:00 AM

The British supply train is captured by the 3rd Company from Rawlings’ volunteers. They have now captured this train and Worth's Mill.  

Bradley’s volunteers have almost reached their  blocking position on the Post road in between 
Princeton and the encircled British force.

Durkee and Stone’s Regiments are exchanging volley fire with the Col. Francis’ 55th regiment. The fighting is intensifying.  I've had to close these regiments within 100 feet of the British line and casualties are mounting.

The Pocket:  The British column which left Princeton the night before was caught at Worth's Mill and encircled by Mercer's Brigade.  Historically, Mercer's brigade was smashed and Mercer and his adjutant were killed.

Turn 14 – 9:05 AM

Rawlings regiment has knocked out one of the British guns that have unlimbered on the slopes overlooking the Post road.

Hamilton’s battery moves to higher ground over the Post road.  He will be able to support the two regiments fighting along the Post road.

The second British gun falls to Rawlings’ volunteers.

Casualties are mounting along the Post road. There are now 93 American dead and 77 British dead.  The smoke from volleyed fire is hanging heavily in the winter air.  Both lines are shortening as companies fall back due to low ammunition. 

Mercer has joined Durkee and is directing the attack.

Turn 15 – 9:10 AM

Stone and Durkee are falling back.  Some companies have suffered 75% losses and many are low on ammunition.  Hutchinson’s 27th Massachusetts is headed back into the fight against the pocket. 

British dead are piling up in the fields and along the split rail fences bordering the orchard.

Hamilton’s battery is unlimbering and will be available to fire next turn.

The battle is half over.  American casualties are 107 dead.  British casualties are 90 dead.
Mercer's brigade has lost another 50 dead in 15 minutes of fighting.

More to follow...


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