Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged

Flashpoint Campaigns is back with Flashpoint Germany Reforged ($17.99 DLC available on Steam and MatrixGames.com.  This is the first scenario and I am doing a piss poor job holding back the armored columns of the Soviet invaders.  
In the few moments I've had for gaming these past few months, I have been playing Panzer Battles.  This is the first time I have gamed a non JTS title in weeks.

The new map graphics are great and the extra scenarios are just what the doctor ordered!


RangerX3X said…
I am really impressed with the effort on this battle pack. There are some issues here and there but the development team is extremely responsive to those with concerns, and they are working diligently to put further polish on the expansion and the 2.0.10 update.
Chris said…
I am happy I purchased it.
David Freer said…
Now I know why my email from you has dried up!

I really like the way command works in these titles, I'm trying to think how we could do something similar in Panzer Battles, or is it a step to far?

By the way, let me know whether I owe you anything, you know what I'm busy with!
Chris said…
Hi David! I did get a little sidetracked with this release! Will do.