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I have a limited amount of time these days to wargame and so choosing the right game to invest my time in is important to me.  In my Steam Account and on my laptop I have a few games that I keep loaded all of the time (gold standard games) and then there are others that I am trying.

I thought it would be interesting to list these games here and give you my rating for each and a few notes for each in case you are considering purchasing one of the games.  Every wargamer has different tastes so please don't let my comments dissuade you from trying something you have an interest in.  I am just putting my thoughts out there.

Olympic scale ratings: Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Loaded On My Steam Account Right Now:

Call to Arms:  Men of War series heir. This modern warfare game is in beta and plays like an arcade third person shooter.  Purchased for $19.99. Limited amount of maps for multiplayer (you can play against bots).
Rating: Silver. 

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations: This complex game is the gold standard of naval warfare.  I've put limited hours into it because I don't have the time right now to work through it's complexity and yet I can safely say: this game is worth every penny.
Rating: Gold.

Commander: The Great War:  Just purchased because it was recently 50% off on Steam.  The only WWI game I own.  
Rating: Unknown.

Ultimate General Gettysburg:  Stunning maps, easy to use interface.  This game is easy to jump into and use.
Rating:  Gold

Unity of Command:  A WWII game with a great interface that is easy to use.  It was described to me by another wargamer as more like a puzzle than a wargame which is dead on.  
Rating: Silver.

Other games I like that aren't currently loaded in my Steam Library:

Company of Heroes (classic game)
Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star
Wargame: Airland Battle
Napoleon at War (logged in over 250 hours on steam playing this game. I've probably only played Command Ops more).

My Steam games (not loaded) that fall into the Bronze category and will never be loaded again:

Rush for Berlin (not my cup of tea)
Storm: Frontline Nation (I purchased this on sale for $3 thankfully. Not much too it. Terrible mechanics).
Theatre of War (I like this game but I play better games now (graviteam tactics, combat mission) hence the bronze rating.
Men of War: Vietnam

Next up my laptop games....


RangerX3X said…
I own all of the Men of War games and only completed one mission out of all of them – the first in MOW Vietnam, finding the series brutally difficult. I also own all of the Theater of War series yet have only dabbled in it, so I am interested in your take that it would never be loaded again.
Chris said…
Hi Tim. For MoW: Vietnam it was the ridiculous complexity of the missions and the terrain. I can barely see people moving on the map (a lot easier in ww2 men of war games) and that was a big turnoff for me. I have the same issue trying to see movement in the Operation Hooper DLC for Graviteam Tactics.

I liked Theater of War when I was playing it but moved away from it once I tried Men of War, Operation Star, etc. So for me the decision not to play the game is really about owning better games. Maybe I should qualify that rating in the post. Thanks!
Mule said…
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Peter Winship said…
Can't find 'Napoleon at War' Chris. You have a link to it?

Chris said…
Hi Peter. I actually meant the Total War game: Napoleon: Total War

Sorry about that.