Best Divisions In WW2 - Eastern Front and Western Front

Open question for readers of this blog:

Which division in any WW2 army do you think deserves to make the "best" list based on their unit history?

For the Soviets, I am going to add the 13th Guards Rifle Division in the Soviet 62nd Army for their crossing of the Volga in early September, 1942 and subsequent fight to stall the German advance inside Stalingrad. 

For the Americans, I am going to add the 101st Airborne Division for their role in Normandy, their defense of Hell's Highway and their defense of Bastogne.

Any others that should make this list?


Anonymous said…
Spanish Blue Division that fought in the Northern end of the German line in Russia, as the best Spanish Division of World War 2.
Chris said…
Thanks! I need to read about this division. I know nothing about it sadly.

Marko said…
For the Germans the Grossdeutschland in the East and the 116 Panzer Division in the West.
Chris said…
Marko thanks for the suggestion. Will add those divisions to my list.