UoC Great Commander Scenario Turns 1 + 2

Unity of Command is by 2x2 Games and is distributed by Matrix Games.  The Great Commander scenario is a scenario I am developing to simulate the Soviet Rumyantsev offensive in and around Kharkov, Ukraine.

I am still in the process of deploying Soviet armies on the map and figuring out some play balancing issues.

The screens below are from my playtesting this evening.
Turn 1: A feint to the south at Izium has convinced OKH to move the II SS Panzer Corps into position west of the Soviet bridgehead there. Meanwhile Soviet armies have massed north of Belgorod with Kharkov as their objective. The German line is breached as the 1st Tank Army moves into position.

Turn 2: The Soviet Tank Army is driving on the Sumy objective which will cut the Kharkov-Kiev railway.  In Belgorod, elements of 2 Panzer divisions are holding against weaker soviet forces.
More to follow.


Phil said…
I was thinking about getting a turn based game. At the moment I don't have any and I was looking at buying this. Would you say this is a good game to start Chris?
Chris said…
Hi Phil. This is an interesting game. A gamer I know, who has played it more than I have, says it can at times feel like a puzzle more than a wargame. The interface is slick and there are good number of scenarios. I recommend playing the demo which you can find on steam if you are interested.

If you are looking for a game that gives you some history without a lot of rules this is your game.
Phil said…
Cheers Chris. Getting the demo now.