DCCB - Strengthening the 2nd Hungarian Army - Case Blue - July 4

I've now added Voronezh to my early objectives list.  My July 4 situation map in the northern sector of Army Group South's advance is below:

4th Panzer's advance towards Voronezh must first breakthrough a weak Soviet line at Kastornoye.

To secure Voronezh I am going to have to break the Soviet line at Kastornoye and hold the elongating southern line of my advance with the 2nd Hungarian Army (currently only III Corps).

Knowing that they will need to be strong enough to withstand expected Soviet counterattacks I am rushing two additional Hungarian light divisions to join the 2nd Army as well as the IV and VII Hungarian Corps which are being transferred from the rear areas of 17th ad 1st Panzer armies.

VII Hungarian Corps highlighted on the map is being transferred under the control of the Hungarian 2nd Army which is just visible on the northern edge of the map.

According to Wikipedia when the 2nd transferred into the theater it only had 8 weeks of experience which is something else I need to keep in mind as I consider how best to use and deploy the 2nd.

I hope these additions to 2nd army will give it the staying power it needs to effectively cover 4th Panzer Army's advance towards Vorenezh.


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