Command Ops Eastern Front: The Corridor

"The Corridor" is a new scenario created by Peter (John Connor from the LnL Forums).  It simulates the Soviet armor attack against the 1st and 3rd SS Panzer divisions at Prokohrovka, Ukraine.

This is Peter's first try at a scenario and he has really done a great job representing this portion of the battle using the CO1 engine.

The level of detail on the map is tremendous.  Relying on excellent sources and very likely using Google Earth he has really managed to bring the battlefield to life.
I've only played the scenario as the Axis player and find it very challenging and I am sure the Soviet side is twice is hard to manage.

The moment when you realize that's a lot of Soviet tanks...
Peter is continuing to perfect this scenario and also has a larger version of the battle available for download.  To grab it go to his dropbox folder here.


Peter Winship said…
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, Chris. Much appreciated. Love that second pic and caption. Incredible that LAH managed to stop an advance that massive with only around 50 tanks (only 4 of which were Tigers) and for a loss of only 17 tanks (compared to around 160 lost on the soviet side). Curiously, exactly the same kind of doctrinal clash produces similar results in the Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm game.
Chris said…
Hi Peter. You did a really great job. I would have killed for a few more artillery units in this fight. Would be cool if this game had a tank tread sound for armor units. The noise would have been deafening!
Peter Winship said…
The game arty is an interesting question. In reality there were perhaps ten times as many arty units on both sides. But if I put them in that's the end of the game - nothing can move for being hit by arty. So I come to the conclusion that one way or another (since the scenario does work more or less historically with only a few arty units each side) the CO arty is 'stronger' (in effect) than real life arty. Either the instantaneous and continuous nature of it - you can call it in in seconds and keep it going virtually all day without pause - or the deadly accuracy of it, or the strength of its effect (how much it suppresses, kills etc). I don't which it is, but the way it has functioned during this scenario has made me think that many CO scenarios would be better (and more realistic) with less arty units in the mix. What do you think?

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